Product Features

For a product or service to succeed, it must be the right product, being sold at the right time, to the right customer, at the right price.

  • Right Time

  • Right Product

  • Right Price

  • Right Customer

  • Data Mining

  • Artificial

  • Operational

  • Timing of Promotion

    When to launch a sale?

    How often?

  • Pricing Optimization

    Is price adjustment needed?

    If yes, to what level?

  • Clearance Optimization

    Which SKU?

    How and at what price level?

  • Precise Forecast

    Future sales forecast

    With different granularities

Product Features

E-Commerce Price Optimization

Build automatic price analysis and optimization model; Achieve price management for a large number of SKUs; Increase E-Commerce revenue and profit levels

  • Traffic Analysis

    Analyze characteristics of SKUs at different channels; give traffic input suggestions

  • Dynamic Pricing

    Output dynamic & optimal prices based on historical sales characteristics

  • Promotion Optimization

    Output promotion prices and strategies based on traffic, prices and sales volume patterns

  • Clearance Optimization

    Output clearance bundles and plan based on product lifetime cycle and inventory level

Retail Price Optimization

Build optimization model for different retail channels; support price management and promotion implementation online and even offline channels; improve revenue and cost-benefit ratio for retail channels

  • Channel Analysis

    Analyze price elasticity for different channels; Output differentiated price optimization strategy for each channel

  • Price Optimization

    Give optimal price adjustment strategies for each channel

  • Promotion Pricing

    Output promotion resource allocation and price suggestions for each promotion period

  • Clearance Optimization

    Output clearance bundles and plan based on product lifetime cycle and inventory level


Reduce uncertainty using
quantitative analysis


Present data output as
executable decision


Support decision-making
based on forecast

Online/ Offline Channels

Full sale scenarios coverage

Intelligent Pricing System: Price for Profit!

Our Customers
  • A flagship e-commerce platform

    • 71%

      SKU coverage in automatic pricing system

    • 3%

      Increase in GMV

    • 14%

      Increase in GP

    • 12%

      Reduction in inventory capital occupation


    Manual pricing strategy lacks efficiency and effectiveness, especially when there is a large amount of SKUs.


    We provide salespersons with an automatic pricing system according to different product positionings and business goals, to improve efficiency of corporate pricing system, which in turn leads to significant improvement in sales and profit.

  • An international FMCG giant

    • 15%+

      Increase in sales forecast accuracy during a promotion

    • 8%

      Increase in cost-benefit
      ratio during a promotion

    • 7%

      Increase in promotion GMV


    High promotion cost; unstable cost-benefit ratio; lack of promotion pricing management


    A comprehensive promotion management plan, considering different promotion mechanisms, product correlation factors and traditional business logic through the analysis of the company’s historical promotion data on the e-commerce platform, which greatly improves the promotion cost-benefit ratio and sales.

  • A leading international beer brand

    • 7%

      Increase in gross profit

    • 18个

      Cities and regions

    • 1st

      The first quantitative pricing system/ framework ever adopted by China branch of this beer brand


    Lack of quantitative analysis in offline channel price management; inconsistent pricing strategies; problem of channel conflict


    We give optimal price recommendations with pricing logics and pricing targets of different regions & channels, combined with detailed consumer sensitivity and regional environmental information.

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