Activate Industrial Big Data, Reshape Production and Supply Networks
  • Order fulfillment rate increases
  • Waste of production capacity reduces
  • Inventory cost reduces
  • Manual intervention in production scheduling reduces
  • Accuracy of demand forecasting improves
  • Speed of calculation and simulation improves

Manufacturing industry application scenarios

  • Production planning and scheduling:
    intelligent factory

    Automation of production planning and scheduling gives one-click optimal solution

  • C2M reverse customization:
    Timely planning, flexible production

    Timely scheduling of new orders and quick feedback improve supply chain flexibility

  • Multi-factory production:
    breaking down data barriers

    Real-time interaction and overall planning

Business logic highlights
We provide a complete solution that leads to reasonable and executable scheduling plan, reduces production costs, improves response time, and improves collaborative work efficiency of procurement, production, supply chain planning and other departments, through the coordination of system and algorithm.

Optimizing through data+algorithm to provide accurate, efficient and stable smart manufacturing solutions to achieve:

Shorter order response time

Higher order delivery rate

Faster order delivery

Lower capacity lost

Shorter scheduling wait time

Optimal production load balancing

Lower communication costs for planning

Our Customers
Production scheduling engine in multiple factories of a manufacturing giant in the electronics industry

With the minute-level solution capability, we built a production scheduling engine coordinating dozens of factories. The integrated strategy of production, transport and purchase through multi-plant network significantly reduces capacity loss and improves order satisfaction rate.

A major car manufacturer

We provide customized intelligent optimization of process sequencing for the assembly line combined with modeling solution and data processing capabilities, to get accurate system model characterization, which effectively improves the assembly efficiency with higher solution efficiency and optimality guaranteed.

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